Cocoa Shea Blissful 99% Natural Body Butter 8 Oz

OZNaturals Body Butter - This Hydrating Moisturizer Contains Shea Butter, Olive, and Jojoba Oil Whipped Into A Rich Soufflè Which Will Provide Your Skin With A Luxurious, Silky Feel!

Sometimes only the richest formulation will do for the entire body! 

OZNaturals Cocoa Shea Blissful 99% Body Butter is packed full of antioxidant-rich oils that hydrate & protect your skin, even in the most extreme conditions.

Both Cocoa and Shea Butter can be traced back thousands of years, even being used by the likes of Cleopatra, and they’re still some of the most powerful ingredients for the skin today. These superstar ingredients deliver many Omega Fatty Acids, Phytosterols, and Vitamins A, E & K.  These nutrients are extremely beneficial for nourishing dry, ashy, chapped skin-- and it’s no wonder why they’re still some of the most popular and effective body treatments ever to have been discovered.  We’ve combined Cocoa Butter with the amazing Shea Butter to produce an unmatchable skin-nourishing protectant. Shea Butter has many of the same properties as Cocoa Butter in addition to being an anti-inflammatory, skin cell regenerator, collagen booster and also contains a natural SPF (only a 3 or 4), but when used with a mineral sunscreen it definitely helps to protect the skin even more!

  • Is your body in need of a moisture drench? This rich body butter brings new meaning to healthy, moisturized skin by creating a protective shield that locks in moisture along with antioxidants and vitamins, to deliver a natural healthy glow to the skin. Ideal for harsh and dry conditions, but great for anybody living anywhere, any time of the year!

  • COLD PROCESSED SKINCARE is better for your skin and provides a much more natural and gentle formulation than other natural skincare brands. OZNaturals Cold Processed skincare is purer, cleaner, and more efficacious for your skin since high heat is not used to degrade the key ingredients.

  • BIO-PRESERVE COMPLEX is a “clean and green” synergetic preservative blend developed by OZNaturals’ scientists which eliminates the need for traditional, harmful preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol or Sodium Benzoate. Unlike most other skincare brands, OZNaturals formulas will never contain these or other harmful preservatives.

  • This body butter is the ultimate remedy for dull, dry skin and is highly effective at moisturizing and protecting the skin’s outer layers.


For all skin types. Use daily on the entire body after showering or bathing.



Use daily. To get the most out of your OZNaturals Body Soufflé, apply liberally after showering or bathing, while your skin is still slightly damp. This allows the humectants and emollients in the moisturizer to trap and seal in moisture for long-lasting protection and comfort.